Is this the end for Huawei Phone?

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Huawei Just Lost Access to Google and Android

Things are looking really bad for Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Google has suspended any and all business operations with Huawei. The suspension, effective immediately means that all future devices will not come with any Google products. This includes the Android Operating System as well.

What was the cause of all this?
The Trump administration has been going at the company for some time now. This time, US might possibly have been able to put a dent on the Chinese Tech giant. As per the results of the list, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer is forbidden from purchasing parts and components from US companies without expressive approval from the US Government. This also includes the Android and Google ecosystem as well.

Image Credits: FRAndroid
Is this the end for Huawei?
Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom, three for the world’s leading chip designers have also cut off dealing with Huawei. While Intel provides server chips and processors for their laptop line, Qualcomm provides modems and processors. The latter would probably not affect Huawei so much as they build their own mobile processors and modems.

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