The First Human Head Transplant Was Successful?

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If you had a head transplant, would you still be you?
This may sound like a hypothetical question, but it's not! It's not even a scene out of a science fiction movie.

A human head transplant is exactly what it sounds like taking one living head and putting it onto a new body. And this is what the Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero and his colleague Xiaoping Ren's of China is planning to do.

In fact, they already performed a head transplant on a dead body.
But just how feasible is human head transplant?

A head transplant was considered the stuff of science fiction, until 2015.

This was when Dr. Canavero announced that he would perform a head transplant on a living individual. He even found a volunteer who was a 30-year-old Russian man Valey Spiridonov.

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