Team Pinoy Topic

Pinoy Topic an online news and magazine service to the  Filipino network in the Philippines. Originally established in August 2016, the original web address of the site is and has been moved into full domain name
Pinoy Topic mainly covers top-of-news, opinion pieces from guests, internet and social media for trending topics that may interest the wide demographics it serves such as entertainment, lifestyle, sports, business opportunities, and technology. This also includes social news items that may not have been given attention.

The King” Salomon– Founder and Programmer

King is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Josefina Herrera Cerilles State College. He also loves discovering new technologies and programming.
His an ambitious individual who is looking for learning to broaden her career path. His background lays mostly being computer literate.

Em-em” April– Writer

April is also a graduate of Information Technology from Josefina Herrera Cerilles State College. She's no talker and finds herself more interested in doing video editing and writing.